About Ray-Pac

Ray-Pac specializes in replacement x-ray tubes for imaging equipment made for major OEMs. Our founder, Robert Hibdon, created Ray-Pac because he wanted to ensure that x-rays are performed in medical facilities with nothing less than the best quality equipment. We are proud to be the largest independent manufacturer of medical X-ray tube replacements in the USA, and we’d love to be able to show you first-hand why so many clients across the country have trusted Ray-Pac to provide them with their x-ray tubes.

Meet Our CEO, Robert Hibdon

Ray-Pac was founded in 2015 by Robert Hibdon, an innovator by nature, a creator by choice, and a pioneer in the industry.

Robert began his professional career as a radiology technologist, performing x-rays on patients in the hospital. Over time, he became the director of radiology at Trident Medical Systems. After his time there, Robert founded his own company, Interay in 1982 and built a successful operation that he sold to Varian Medical Systems in 1993.


When Quality Counts

With every step of manufacturing through the finished product in our shipping container, there are countless quality points checked and re-checked to ensure our X-ray tube replacement arrives ready to be installed and put into service for you. 

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