X-Ray Replacement Tube Features

Ray-Pac’s goal is to help make our customers competitive in the medical market, and a large part of how we do this is by providing nothing less than the best quality products. With every step of manufacturing through the finished product in our shipping container, there are countless quality points checked and re-checked to ensure our X-ray tube replacement arrives ready to be installed and put into service for you. Check out some of the many features that make Ray-Pac products unique!

Precise calibration is ensured before our product is shipped out to you.

We are constantly testing, improving performance, and innovating for every Ray-Pac customer- present and future.

Ray-Pac x-ray replacements only use the highest quality internal parts.

Every seal, gasket, and fitting is replaced and tested before shipping.

Aircraft two-part epoxy paint is standard on all Ray-Pac replacements.

Baking our better-than-OEM quality paint is part of what makes Ray-Pac housings the most durable finish available.

Innovation with our custom-fabricated oil submersion tank will make that safety inspection go a lot more smoothly.

Required and unrequired labels clearly identify safety specs and proper manufacturing dates for the installer.

Always Innovating

With over 40 years of experience and quality parts from companies like VAREX, IAE, and KAILONG, our technicians are building the most dependable 3″ and 4″ x-ray tubes in the US. 
We specialize in same day shipping for most tubes. This means we can typically have the tube in your hands by 8:30am anywhere in the US.

For sales being drop shipped internationally, the customer will handle all exporting and shipping paperwork and requirements.  

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